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Amazin LêThi #LetKidsPlay
#ILoveGay Today meets up with return guest Amazin LêThi, where we talk about her ongoing work in elevating LGBTQ+ representation in sports, including the lack of Asian representation with groups and organizations including FIFA and the recent World Cup. Amazin is part of the upcoming 2023 LGBTQ Institute Business Forum, with their theme of "Growing our Commitment to LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Current...
September 2023

David Cruz:
#ILoveGay Today meets up with David Cruz, co-founder of based out of West Hollywood, CA. Join us as we learn about how FruitLoots was born out of the pandemic, and just a few virtual happy hours, to become an amazing small business sourcing its products primarily from LGBTQ+ vendors. They've created a variety of curated gift boxes, including gift boxes with homemade candles, that ar...
September 2023

Sev7en Taylor: new album
#ILoveGay Today meets up with return guest Sev7en Taylor, where we chat about his new album, "THE QLIPHOTH", debuting Sept 27, 2023. This album details 3 years of experience... from heartbreak, self love, finding self through challenges and taking his music & art to another level. In the same vein of spreading spiritual knowledge about the "Tree Of Life", and its polar opposite, "Qliphoth", which ...
September 2023

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