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Model Featured Content
Malta remains role model in EU for LGBT inclusivity
Malta has been a top-scorer in some of this year’s results in LGBT rights studies. The island – often described as ‘gay-friendly’ – has always been seen to strive towards greater inclusivity for all ages, races and genders, through multiple forms of legislation that work towards furtherin
July 21, 2018
Jackson Bird gets to be the transgender role model he needed as a kid
Jackson Bird came out as a transgender man at 25. Growing up without any role models, he felt as if he were alone in the world. Now he makes YouTube videos and hosts the podcast "Transmission" to help everyone better understand the transgender community. Bird offers his Brief but Spectacular take on gender identity.
June 22, 2018
NYC Council Members Visit Tel Aviv’s LGBT Center, “A Unique Model in the World”
A group of 18 New York city council members, including the council spokesperson, arrived at the Tel Aviv LGBT center in order to study its work, being the first LGBT Center in the world funded by a city municipality.
May 07, 2018

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