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Une Programmation Époustouflante Pour Le Festival BLACK & BLUE 2018!
La Fondation BBCM a le plaisir d’annoncer la programmation préliminaire de l’incontournable festival Black & Blue 2018 sous le thème ‘CHROME’. LE THÈME 2018 : CHROME Que serait une tenue vestimentaire spéciale pour le Black & Blue sans des accessoires stylés et lustrés? C’est ainsi que l’équipe du BBCM...
August 18, 2018

White Party Palm Springs Has Long History in Desert

White Party Palm Springs, begun in 1989 by Jeffrey Sanker, has evolved from a “fly-in party” to the mack-daddy of what are now called circuit parties. And the city has grown up alongside i...
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May 01, 2018

Gay men: Together we are stronger
I caught up with Jean-François to see whether I should be pulling on a suit and hitting the networking circuit. I was annoyed with the lack of professional networking there was. Most, if not all…
April 07, 2018
A Night Out at Asia's Biggest Gay Circuit Party: gCircuit during Songkran
The entrance was totally unassuming at first. Arrived in a taxi to the hotel, I meandered my way through the massive lobby, up an escalator, around a corner. At first, there were few signs that
April 03, 2018

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