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#GayHK Featured Content
2022 Gay Games: the man behind Hong Kong's winning bid to host the event
Coming out I knew for a long time before I came out that I was gay, or at least that I was different. It was one of the reasons I was always picked last in gym class. I was sporty, but I acted different to the other boys and
August 10, 2018
Pop star Ellen Joyce Loo was trailblazer for Hong Kong’s LGBT community and broke down stigma around mental illness
On Sunday, the Hong Kong pop star died from a suspected suicide. Reporter Vivienne Chow looks back on her last meeting with the singer, where she appeared to have come to terms with her sexuality and bipolar disorder
August 07, 2018
Linklaters hosts second Open For Business Roundtable event in Hong Kong
We are proud to have hosted the second Open For Business roundtable, in partnership with Community Business with the focus to bring together leaders from the private sector and civil society to discuss how we can collaborate to advance LGBT+ inclusion in Hong Kong.
June 08, 2018
Pride & Prejudice Hong Kong 2018 - highlight video
Gathering in Hong Kong for Pride and Prejudice 2018, an event hosted by The Economist Events, prominent industry leaders discussed the principal challenges obstructing progress in the global conversation around LGBT rights, diversity and inclusion within business and civil society.
June 08, 2018
Hong Kong Gay Rights Suffer Setbacks
The city’s LGBT community has notched small victories in recent years, but new developments have made them angry and discouraged.
June 07, 2018
Goldman, BlackRock Fight to Protect LGBT Employees in Hong Kong
Fifteen financial heavy hitters, wary of losing talent among gay, bi, and transgender expats, are pushing back.
April 25, 2018
Hong Kong priest cancels Christmas mass for LGBT community after Catholic Church warns of gay 'sinfulness'
A Hong Kong priest cancelled a midnight mass for a Christian LGBT group during Christmas after the local diocese told him that homosexuality was “sinful”. Compassion HK LGBTQ Catholics Union said it was informed by the priest – at the last minute – that he could not conduct the ceremony …
December 28, 2017
Hong Kong Confidential: Episode 12: Two Men and a Baby
Robert discusses growing up in South Africa and coming to terms with his sexuality as an adult in Hong Kong. He shares his coming out story and the reactions of his family to this news. Robert is now happily married and a father of a two year old boy, which is one of the greatest joys in his life. He reveals the challenges that he and his husband face as a gay couple with a son living in Hong Kong...
November 28, 2017
Hong Kong's LGBT community marches for equality
Rainbow flags flowed through the streets of Hong Kong Saturday during the city's annual pride parade, as LGBT activists criticised authorities fo
November 25, 2017
Highlights of upcoming Pink Season Hong Kong LGBT festival
Five weeks of celebration as the LGBT festival launches at Petticoat Lane on Saturday. Expect art events, educational seminars, the Urban Race, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and a huge beach party in Shek O to finish
September 29, 2017
'A landmark judgment': Legal experts and banks react to Hong Kong's key LGBT court ruling
Legal experts have hailed the Court of Appeal’s “landmark” decision on Monday to rule in favour of a lesbian expatriate who was previously refused a spousal visa by the Immigration Department. The applicant, QT, entered into a civil partnership with another woman, SS, in the UK in 2011. But when SS …
September 27, 2017

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