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#GayBrazil Featured Content
LGBT Brazilians ‘Fearful but Defiant’ as Bolsonaro Takes Power
One of new Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro's first actions was to remove LGBT rights from a certain ministry. Campaigners are alarmed at what his next anti-LGBT move might be.
January 05, 2019
Manaus Opens Shelter For LGBT Refugees From Venezuela
Manaus is a stop in the route of part of the 80,000 Venezuelans looking for asylum or temporary residence in Brazil. And now, it is the first Brazilian city to have an exclusive shelter to the LGBTI+ refugee population.The goal is to help them overcome a double challenge: in other housing situations, the LGBTI+ refugees suffer not only with xenophobia but also with prejudice against their sexual o...
November 07, 2018
Gay Tourism in Brazil | Rio de Janeiro
Gay Tourism in Brazil is about supporting the LGBTQ community! Meet the Women behind Gataria Photography. Rio's First Gay & Lesbian Wedding Photographers.
June 26, 2018
Pabllo Vittar, Aretuza Lovi & Brazil's Drag Revolution: How New Queens Are Changing A Homophobic Culture
In a country rife with anti-LGBTQ violence, queens like Pabllo Vittar and Aretuza Lovi are the face of a movement trying to change the culture.
March 03, 2018

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