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Joe Knudson
Joe Knudson

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Joe Knudson
7532 W. Fordson Drive
Oklahoma City, OK   73127


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About Me  About Me: Published Author Joe - J.C. Knudson is Making a Difference!

Organized by Joe Knudson is a campaign to assist in the worldwide fight for LGBT equality. "I am an author on a mission; I'm using my recent release, "Living the Difference", as one of many vehicles in getting this accomplished. I get feedback all the time that society needs this education if members of society are ever going to allow equality to become a reality at the polls. I get heterosexuals telling me their homophobia is almost a thing of the past after reading my book, as well as homosexuals telling me they are so glad someone opened up their life so society can see who we really are. I've been told my book has helped tremendously in the process of understanding your own inner self, including your sexual orientation and has given many the courage to come out. Parents and friends of LGBT are saying it has helped them in their understanding and acceptance of homosexuality. It is an entertaining story that will make you laugh, cry, get angry, feel good, and just about any emotion in between, while at the same time leaves a compelling argument definitely in favor of all LGBT individuals that WILL HELP IN OUR FIGHT FOR EQUALITY...SOCIETY MUST KNOW THE REAL US AND WHO AND WHAT WE ARE!" Says Knudson.

Joe continues... "I believe EDUCATION is the key to eradicating homophobia worldwide. Together, with all of our individual and joint efforts, we will make a difference and show society that we are living the life we were born to live and the life God intended us to live."

Link to the facebook campaign group, LET'S REACH 1 MILLION PEOPLE CAMPAIGN...It's a start! LGBT EQUALITY :

THIS GROUP IS THE CREATOR OF THE 2012 Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights Marches on April 21, 2012. Detailed information on this Historic Event can be obtained by clicking on any of the links below in the featured content.

Espresso House Publishing is PROUD to be associated as a sponsor of this event, as well as PROUD to be associated with the work involved on publishing books that will educate and enlighten society as to the plight of the LGBT that will assist in going the distance in the advancement of the rights of LGBT communities worldwide. Profits from these editions will go right back into the necessities of continuing this fight at the direction of the contributing authors...

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Blog is used to help promote my recent book release, LIVING THE DIFFERENCE: an enlightening story revealed for people of all ages straight or gay. Blog is also used to help educate society on what homosexuality truly is by using a more personal approach. I am a gay rights advocate and this blog is used mainly for that purpose!

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